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From the principal’s officemrvaardt

Many old scholars often tell me that it is only after leaving Lord Milner School that one really appreciates the feeling of having “belonged” to our beautiful school.
This feeling of “belonging”, of being wanted is so necessary to our happiness, but here at school – now – we seem to take so much for granted, whether we are a part of a sports team, or class or club, or, yes, even a part of the Lord Milner School Family.

Just as every learner gains something from Lord Milner School, so he or she gives something in return. The tradition which grows up within Lord Milner

School is the “accumulated giving” of all pupils, present and past. You can have knowledge, if you take it. You can develop courage, decency and self-

confidence, together with a real respect and love for others. Present learners can gain an appreciation of the lasting values of life and a realisation of those worthless

things which should be discarded. Develop attributes in this, your present environment, which will create in you the finest character you are capable of being.

Lord Milner cannot buy its spirit as it buys textbooks, nor can it have this spirit supplied as basic material or equipment. Our school spirit has been and will be built

up within Lord Milner School itself. Let us remember those who were here before us and bless and encourage those who will follow.


Mr H. van Aardt
The Vision of Lord Milner School

A nurturing learning centre of excellence, shaping innovative future leaders.

"Home away from home"

Lord Milner School, situated at Settlers in the Limpopo Province, is an English medium primary school, catering for boarders from

Grade R to Grade 7. The school was founded in 1932, originally as a learning centre for the children of farmers settled on the Springbok Flats. Today it attracts pupils from all over South-Africa, but in particular from areas such as Polokwane, Lebowakgomo, Rustenburg and Gauteng.

A co-educational, multi-racial school, Lord Milner is recognized for the excellence of its academic teaching and extra-mural activities.

Lord Milner prides itself in providing a safe and secure environment in which each child receives a sound education and develops courtesy, respect, tolerance and an awareness of the needs of others.

Each child is given the opportunity to grow and develop into a well-adjusted, independent, self-disciplined, young citizen.